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Accelerate 2014 has LAUNCHED!

Eben Pagan’s Accelerate 2014 Launch video tells us everything.

This new video shares 4 different insights:

  • Eben had that each doubled my business – these are a great case study for the types of tests that we should all be doing to grow our sales
  • You can now get exclusive access to the same training that others invested up to $12,000 each to attend – and that’s just one of the programs we’re making available
  • The“launch special” pricing is only available this week, for another 4 days – so it’s very important to watch our information video and register for the training.
  • Our offer features a double guarantee – so they can try the training without risk.

Some of the things you will learn in the actual Accelerate training and live summit:

  • Systems to scale up your business, profit and income rapidly
  • How to design a marketing sequence and funnel that converts more of your traffic to paying customers
  • Advanced positioning, naming, branding and niche psychology
  • Where to look in your business for the biggest opportunities for growth right now
  •  How to go from the typical 80% failure rate when hiring employees to 80%-90% success (and a hire is a million dollar business decision, so this is a big deal to learn)
  • Tips from an entrepreneur that sold one of his companies for $100 million in cash (and he did it before he was 30 years old)
  • 5 lessons Eben’s learned from over a dozen billionaires that he’s talked to or met in person
  • Strategies from an entrepreneur that raised over a million dollars for his startup.
  • How to launch your first product – or your next product – with the entire sequence and psychology for scaling out your launches

3) Some facts about Eben and his businesses:

  • He grew up in the back woods of Oregon, and never earned more than $10 an hour until he was in my mid-20s – and dropped out of both high school and college.
  • He’s grown 11 businesses and brands to over $1 million in sales, and four of them to over $10 million in sales
  • His companies have sold over $100 million worth of products and services
  • He grew his company from his computer in my bedroom to $30 million per year – with no office, 100% virtual
  • Grown three different lists to over a million subscribers – and sold products to over a million customers

It’s time to Accelerate your life!



The 1 best tool to increase your productivity

Why most time management systems don’t work.

There are things you can be doing differently right now – TODAY – that will shift your business into “high-growth mode.”This new video from Eben Pagan shares a system for identifying the specific actions that you can take to increase your growth, profit, and income now – just opt-in to watch it:

Eben Teaches You The “Productivity Pyramid”

In this all-new training, you’ll learn:

>Why everyone – ALL of us – are inherently creative and productive, and how to unlock your own potential to be more focused, organized, and massively productive in your business

>How to eliminate distractions and interruptions, so you can focus on only those things that matter to growing your business and making more profit and income

>How to use the “Productivity Pyramid” exercise to zero in on exactly what you should be doing each day to grow your business

>How to get yourself off of “distracted auto-pilot” and onto focused effort that produces results

>How to design a “habit practice” so that you automatically do the right things every day, rather than trying to remember to do things in the heat of the moment

>The single most powerful way to motivate yourself to take the massive action that you need to take to reach your growth, profit and income goals in your business

…and much, much more. The money-making activities inside your business are not going to start “doing themselves” – and the world is only getting more and more distracting.

These tools will show you how to overcome procrastination and get yourself into the kind of focused, long-term action that is the ONLY way to build your business to the level that will give you the income and freedom that you want from it.

Again, you can watch this all-new video right here by just opting-in:

Eben Teaches You The “Productivity Pyramid”

I know you’ll enjoy it!


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Does YOUR website make one of these 3 mistakes?

“Marketing Analysis” Of 37 REAL Websites

In his first video to get peeps hyped up for the launch of Accelerate 2014, Eben Pagan “slashes” through 37 websites – and shows the biggest mistakes that almost EVERYONE makes.  As you will see, Eben is brutally honest and direct:

Here’s the cliff notes version of the almost hour long video:

  • Marketing is communication that gets customers.
  • Focus on what the customer wants, and communicate it clearly and explicitly in your marketing and advertising – don’t hint at it or beat around the bush.
  • You’re not competing for customers, you’re competing for attention. And you’re competing with attention-grabbing businesses like YouTube and Facebook, even more than with your “competitors.”
  • If you don’t grab the attention of your customer immediately, it’s unlikely that you’ll get it at all.
  •  You have 3 seconds, maximum, to grab a customer’s attention with your website, videos, or other marketing. People are busy, and have other things to do.
  • Talking about yourself, your company, or your product too much – or worse, not talking about anything relevant at all, has a simple result: People BOUNCE.
  • In those few seconds, you must answer three questions: What is it? Who’s it about? What do I get?
  •  Your customer wants to get an immediate affirmation that they are in the right place, so make sure you communicate what it IS that you’re talking about with words or pictures.
  • Your customer wants you to talk about them and their wants primarily – not about yourself, your company, and your product primarily.
  • Your customer wants to know what they’re going to get, so say it as quickly and directly as possible.
  • Your customer also wants you to talk to them directly, using the words “you” and “your” more than any others.
  • Challenge yourself to achieve the power and simplicity of the Aerogel company, who sent a climber up Mt. Everest wearing their socks, only to return and say “my feet got too hot.
  • Remember the lessons from seeing the website critiques: Most people are not consciously communicating to their customer that the customer is in the right place, and that they’re going to get what they want.

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This video is really a complete lesson in increasing conversions and how to IMMEDIATELY improve your website. It’s worth watching multiple times.


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To Your Good Fortune,


What is Accelerate 2014?

About Accelerate 2014

Filmed at the live, 7-Day Accelerate Training Course, this is the most powerful high growth business video training program ever created for entrepreneurs who want to kick their business into high gear… and grow to the $1 Million level and beyond. In addition to the high end video course, the program will also feature weekly live trainings with Eben, two tickets to a 3 day live Accelerate Summit in Chicago during the summer of 2014, and a selection of our most powerful information products as bonuses.

Pre-Launch begins:

Thursday, March 6th

Cart opens:  Monday, March 24th
Cart closes:  Friday, March 28th

During the pre-launch, Eben will be releasing brand NEW high-quality pieces of content, which include videos, PDF reports and downloadable exercises – all modeled on his winning formulas from previous launches so you will get a ton of value from his free stuff!

On top of his free stuff, check out my bonus page to see what you get if you buy through me.

Eben knows that the regular Joe can’t afford to go to his live seminars that cost anywhere between $5-$12k to attend, so he this is why  consolidated the 7 Day Summit into three, high quality courses that have high ticket value without the high ticket price.

So you get the best parts of the $10k seminar for a fraction of the cost, as well as a ton of other bonuses, free tickets to his next seminar and much more.

To Your Good Fortune,