Accelerate 2014 has LAUNCHED!

Eben Pagan’s Accelerate 2014 Launch video tells us everything.

This new video shares 4 different insights:

  • Eben had that each doubled my business – these are a great case study for the types of tests that we should all be doing to grow our sales
  • You can now get exclusive access to the same training that others invested up to $12,000 each to attend – and that’s just one of the programs we’re making available
  • The“launch special” pricing is only available this week, for another 4 days – so it’s very important to watch our information video and register for the training.
  • Our offer features a double guarantee – so they can try the training without risk.

Some of the things you will learn in the actual Accelerate training and live summit:

  • Systems to scale up your business, profit and income rapidly
  • How to design a marketing sequence and funnel that converts more of your traffic to paying customers
  • Advanced positioning, naming, branding and niche psychology
  • Where to look in your business for the biggest opportunities for growth right now
  •  How to go from the typical 80% failure rate when hiring employees to 80%-90% success (and a hire is a million dollar business decision, so this is a big deal to learn)
  • Tips from an entrepreneur that sold one of his companies for $100 million in cash (and he did it before he was 30 years old)
  • 5 lessons Eben’s learned from over a dozen billionaires that he’s talked to or met in person
  • Strategies from an entrepreneur that raised over a million dollars for his startup.
  • How to launch your first product – or your next product – with the entire sequence and psychology for scaling out your launches

3) Some facts about Eben and his businesses:

  • He grew up in the back woods of Oregon, and never earned more than $10 an hour until he was in my mid-20s – and dropped out of both high school and college.
  • He’s grown 11 businesses and brands to over $1 million in sales, and four of them to over $10 million in sales
  • His companies have sold over $100 million worth of products and services
  • He grew his company from his computer in my bedroom to $30 million per year – with no office, 100% virtual
  • Grown three different lists to over a million subscribers – and sold products to over a million customers

It’s time to Accelerate your life!



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