Accelerate 2014 Review: Outsourcing and delegation

How To Delegate & Outsource Work, So You Can Free Up Time To Do The Money-Making Activities In Business

Eben Pagan just released his third Accelerate 2014 Pre-Launch video  about outsourcing to free up more time to focus on the money-making part of your business. There are only two types of activities that you should be doing each day, if you want to grow your business the fastest. This video explains what they are, and how to delegate the busy-work that is distracting you from doing them.


– There are things you can be doing in your business to produce even more value than you’re producing now – which will translate into increased sales, growth and profit.
– The only way to “graduate” to the next level in your business is to delegate some of the things you’re already doing to others. This will free up your time to actively pursue the higher-value work, and leverage your efforts up to the next level of results and rewards.
– In my mind, you should be doing one of two things at any given time in your life: Producing value and Relaxing.
– You should be doing only one of two things: 1) Focused effort that produces the highest
possible value, 2) Leisure activities that produce the most possible rejuvenation.
– In a business, the focused efforts that produce the highest value are usually making your product or service more “buyable” and making your marketing more persuasive and memorable. Everything else, except for the structures that support developing your product
and marketing – are usually distractions.
– Maximizing for rejuvenation is counter-intuitive in a society and business culture that values “hard work” and “effort.” You’ll get more business insights resulting from a good
vacation than you will from another week of “harder work.”
– An hour doing your highest-value work is 10-1,000 times as valuable as an hour doing something where your time is wasted.
– An hour of focused relaxation and rejuvenation is worth even more than an hour of doing your highest-value work – because it recharges and re-inspires you to do much better work.
– Outsource the things at the bottom of your Productivity Pyramid first, to free up your time to do this higher-value things at the top.
– When you write an ad to hire someone, be as specific as possible, and repeat yourself many times about the things are important.
– Hire someone on a trial basis before deciding to hire them long-term, in order to give yourself time to experience what it’s actually like to work with them.
– Don’t be fooled by people who are “smooth talkers” – they are often not “smooth doers.”
– Watch how someone actually performs, rather than how they say they’ll perform, and believe your experience over your feelings.

To Your Good Fortune,



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